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Don’t Worry About the Art Industry as a Whole; Instead Worry About the Artist as an Individual

Hadestown Set Broadway NYC 2019

As an Artist, it ails me to see just how much this Pandemic has changed this Industry that I call my passion. It's silenced it. How can something so big as this virus silence something that's so much bigger than the virus itself? I'm not underestimating the severity of this virus by no means. Still, it amazes me how one day we're reading a NY Time's review from the witty yet unforgiving Ben Brantley, and the next night Broadway's dark till the early-middle of next year. Theatre, Arenas, and Museums are closed until further notice. Maybe it's just me, but anyone not affiliated with the Arts just stopped caring about Art altogether once everything shutdown. As an artist, it's sad and devastating, which is why I have chosen to write this post. By the end of it, you will understand why I'm tired of being seen as a whole part of the Art industry, instead of being seen as an individual Artist in the Art industry. So, here's why the Art industry doesn't need your support to survive; but the individual Artists do. Especially now more than ever. 

    "The local Artist you support today; will become the Art the World sees tomorrow". I tell anyone who has any hesitation in supporting the Arts this quote, and I wanted to share with you also; whether you're an Artist reading this or a spectator of the Arts, I ask you never to forget this quote. It's important because it's a reminder to continue to support our fellow Artists primarily through this Pandemic. If you're not supporting a local or any Artist you know, I ask you to do so. As artists, we need your support more than ever, which I'll go over later how you can support Artists during this Pandemic later on in this post. Now let's get back to the importance of supporting artists right now and not Art itself. I'm sure you've seen articles projecting the primary adverse effect this Pandemic has had on this Industry. None of them hopeful to anyone outside of the Arts, and if you didn't know better as an Artist, you might believe there is no hope of a future for your passion or career. However, as an Artist, you should know there are no guarantees and has never been in this industry. Nothing is for sure and often time we seek work else were till a chance comes our way. Even pre COVID our lives were like that. COVID didn’t ruin your career. You can't tell me otherwise. Sorry, not sorry. We're artists. Our job won't end until we say it ends. Finding a way to share our Art is the only thing standing in our way; but it's 2020, so there’s no excuse not to find a way. Might not be as successful right now doing it on your own, but as long you don't give up on your Art, your Art won't give up on you. No matter what the media tells you. Art IS NOT, and I repeat NOT GOING anywhere. Mind you, that since the last Renaissance, when Art was reborn, it has survived several other pandemics, wars, and even a great depression. I assure you that Art will survive this Pandemic and whatever the rest of this year throws at it. We have to be smart and vigilant, so we can learn those ways to create and share our Art for the current time and situation present when we decide to share our Art. 

    Now for the Art spectators reading, your support is vital because your local small-town Artist needs reminding and shown that there are people that still support the Arts even through this trying time. The best part;  real and genuinely passionate Artist won’t expect a dime, just your time. The life of your local Artist depends on the support you give them today. Failure to support won't kill Art as a whole, but it'll sure kill the Artist who may have been only one project away from there major break. They were there for you; why can't you be there for them? Think about that? 

    Trust me when I say they’ll be a new Renaissance to come out of this pandemic. It'll only be when our Art is unsilenced, and artists can finally express themselves freely once more in their respected venues. It won't be in the next following months but in the shallow years to come. While we find ways to share our Art in the days of COVID either on our own or with the help of a select group of people, we are still far away from the "Dark Ages." I mention because some have thought it. We’re far from it. If you will, I'll call this time the Grey Ages of Art. As long as Artists find means of continuing to create new Art and spectators continue to support those Artists that find ways to share their Art. We won't have to worry about heading backward but only forwards. 

    Only thing that politics trembles at is Art. It just takes the right artists to make them shake in their boots. Why we have to support local Artists at all costs, they are our future and voice for a better tomorrow. "How do you support them?" you ask. While I can't speak for all my fellow artists, but I believe I can speak for the majority of artists when I say that all we ask at this time is just for you to have an ear when we need it. To listen to our Art and hear us when we feel like giving up on our Art. Nothing more, nothing less. Trust me when I say that no one wants to get back to a Saturday evening performance at the Theatre more than I do or any other fellow Theatre Artists you or I both know. We just got to remember that it's during these downtimes when we're not sharing or performing our Art that we use this time to learn and study our passion, so when the next opportunity comes for us to jump at, we are polished and ready to shine like the stars we are. 

    Lastly, no matter whether you are an Artist or Spectator, never think you have to fight your inner demons and struggles alone. We can be brave for only so long; just know there's a whole community if you need to take some of your burdens off. Mental Health is real in the Art Industry, and the current state isn't helping any Artist with depression at any rate. You're not alone. I assure you. I refuse to see a fellow Artist; more importantly, any Human being give up because they didn't know where to turn. It’s by aiding others, we can put Art, in the Heart of the Art industry. That's my primary mission as an Artist, and I see to it that I follow it every day. If you take anything from this post, I ask you to take away the quote I asked you to remember earlier. In case you forgot. I've included it at the bottom of this page so you can find it more accessible. Take care of your local Artists, your Community, but most importantly, take care of Yourself. Stay safe. Check in. Vote. And I'll see you at the curtain call. 

                                  - Yours in Art - 

                                               -- C. M. Price -- (Oct. 11, 2020) --

“The local Artist you support today; will become the Art the World sees tomorrow”

Adele Live Atlanta Oct.2016
Adele Live Atlanta Oct.2016 

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